Ms. Breanna Young AEM

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I fell in love with meteorology at a young age. Between tornadoes and hurricanes, derecheos and blizzards, I was fascinated by the weather, and wished to learn everything about it that I could. Sadly, that fell apart when I realized higher end calculus and I were never going to be friends, and Geography and Geographic Information Systems were my go to, best friend - like, blend of the physical realm of the world I could relate to, incorporating Meteorology, Cartography, Geology, and computers with a flick of a wand. I never knew that my true love was just around the corner in Emergency Management.

I enjoy incorporating my knowledge and studies from my lackluster attempt in Meteorology, and my flourishing capabilities with GIS and natural disaster research with the organization, planning, and public service that was Emergency Management. I should probably include that gift of “planning for the worst” but that is another side story. I have assisted with a wide variety of plans, including Emergency Operations Plans at three different governmental levels in different parts of the nation, Continuity of Operations (COOP) Plans, and even Hazard Mitigation Plans. I have build and facilitated exercises designed to make players think, encouraged personal and professional development through continuous education, and continued to drive myself to be better, not just for myself, but for those I serve.

I look forward to connecting with others in the Emergency Management, Disaster Management, and Geographic Information Systems field. I also wouldn’t mind geeking out with Meteorologists about our most recent weather patterns.