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  • 1.  Feedback on Homeland Security Grant Program?

    Posted 07-20-2023 12:00

    Members of the IAEM Government Affairs committee will be participating in a listening session with FEMA on the first week of August to discuss the Homeland Security Grant Program. IAEM members that have any feedback or items related to the topics below should respond to this post or reach out to GovAffairs@iaem.com to ensure your voice is heard.

    1) In what ways do the six current National Priority Areas (NPAs) (cybersecurity; soft target and crowded places; information and intelligence sharing; domestic violent extremism; community preparedness and resilience; and election security) accurately or inadequately represent the landscape of priorities for bolstering needed capabilities?

    2) DHS and FEMA have committed to having this year's six NPAs remain consistent with next year. In practical terms, how has this affected your planning process?

    3) How do you anticipate the new Buy American requirements will impact your investment planning?

    4) If you were asked to reshape the HSGP program, what would be your priority?

    a. Allocations across jurisdictions

    b. Allowable costs and required minimums

    c. Compliance and reporting

    d. Application process and timeline

    e. Other

    5) What changes would you make in that area or areas?

  • 2.  RE: Feedback on Homeland Security Grant Program?

    Posted 07-21-2023 10:19

    Hello Justin and Government Affairs Committee members,

    I have found the HSGP to be one positive way that the U.S. Federal Government can help align the various SLTTs to more interoperable, multijurisdictional and collaborative standards and practices. This proactive (Preparedness/Protection/Prevention) funding should have that 1:6 cost/benefit ratio similar to Mitigation funding, as compared to Stafford Act Response/Recovery funding, IMHO. In other words, keep it going!

    My two cents for item number one (1):

    1.  Election Security (and Integrity) needs to be specifically mentioned in the National Essential Functions, Primary Mission Essential Functions, ESFs, Community Lifelines, whatever. We need to mission against those threats and hazards, as we mission against every other threat and hazard. I wrote a piece on this in the Domestic Preparedness Journal  in 2021.
    2. As to Information and Intelligence Sharing, that's a big one for me. HSGP should be used to incentivize the SLTTs to integrate Emergency Management Intelligence (EMINT) into their steady-state EM construct, and EMINT should also be its own branch/section in the NIMS/ICS for all hazards. Split it off from the optional  law-enforcement/homeland security-centric Intelligence/Investigations branch which FEMA notes in IS-200. Revamp all training elements, encourage higher education EM degree programs, build out exercises, support logistics needs for EMINT (resource request  and watch/warning systems, interoperable communications apps, etc.) and incorporate EMINT into HSEEP exercises. All of this, by the way, is what the Center for Emergency Management Intelligence Research is advocating for, as well.

    Thanks for asking!



    Michael Prasad
    Executive Director
    The Center for Emergency Management Intelligence Research

  • 3.  RE: Feedback on Homeland Security Grant Program?

    Posted 03-20-2024 15:12
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    Please see the attached memo from FEMA Assistant Administrator Pam Williams on changes to the Homeland Security Grant Program policies, specifically on National Priority Area minimum spends. Thanks again for the IAEM members that provided feedback on this program and participated in listening sessions. This is the value of engaging in IAEM's government affairs work!

    Justin Kates
    Senior Business Continuity Advisor
    Wawa, Inc.
    Lewes DE
    (603) 722-0288