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2023 Legislative Priorities 

05-11-2023 12:45
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11-01-2023 18:37

@Michael Prasad I have been following this through https://reaadi.com/  as well.

  • This looks like it is grant-funded. So I wonder if it might experience the same issue as the  CMS Emergency Preparedness Rule. Where there is no "how to" support and guidance tied to the "must do" of this.  
  • Who will monitor compliance? Federal, State, or local?

as for DRMA Bill, 

  • this looks like it will allow continuity of benefits when the individual needs to leave the disaster area to not be sent to skilled nursing due to inaccessible resources.
  • It looks like it will support the individual to remain eligible for benefits even if they receive FEMA funds to recover
  • It supports a simplified application in order for applicants to better navigate through
  • It appears that this allows individuals to remain independent vs. having to go into Skilled nursing facilities 

Both of these appear to support disability inclusion in emergency response, recovery, and mitigation. 

I will bring this back to the Access and Whole Community Inclusion Caucus in December or set up a special meeting to provide more feedback.

Do you have a deadline you need this by?

11-01-2023 17:07

@Thad Huguley and @Sadie Martinez - I saw this, from the National Disability Rights Network, re the REAADI act:

The Disaster Relief Medicaid Act (DRMA) would ensure that individuals eligible for Medicaid who are forced to relocate due to a disaster or public health emergency are able to continue to access their critical Medicaid supported services. Specifically, the bill provides uninterrupted access to Medicaid services when recipients must evacuate across state lines, increasing health maintenance and community living and preventing institutionalization during disasters or public health emergencies. 

The Real Emergency Access for Aging and Disability Inclusion for Disasters (REAADI) Act provides solutions for persons with disabilities and older adults during the ever-increasing number of disasters in the United States. The REAADI Act will enable persons to maintain their health, safety, and independence before, during, and after disasters. 

Please advise as to what, if any, concerns remain with this proposed federal legislation as it stands.



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