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  • 1.  2024 Legislative Priorities

    Posted 03-22-2024 11:43
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    The Board has approved the attached 2024 Legislative Priorities document.  This is not intended to cover every issue the Government Affairs Committee is monitoring; rather, it is a list of some of the key and most timely topics of interest to the emergency management profession.  Please feel free to use this document in your outreach to your Senators and Members of Congress.

    Thad Huguley
    Government Affairs Director
    Falls Church VA
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  • 2.  RE: 2024 Legislative Priorities

    Posted 03-24-2024 17:48

    Many members asked if there was a recording or transcript of the State of Emergency Management briefing we did in conjunction with NEMA and BCEM this past Friday. Unfortunately there was not, but our talking points were directly out of these legislative priorities. The only addition that we added that morning was the updated information on the FY24 budget regarding the following adjustments:

    • For Operations & Support, FEMA took a $35M cut including for grants modernization, pay raises, and other initiatives.
      • $11M work of increases include those for post-disaster technical assistance for insular areas, earmarks, USAR, IPAWS, and the FEMA Ops Center
    • EMAC is increased to $2.25M
    • Overall, Federal Assistance (Grants) took a $67M hit from the request.  This includes:
      • $468M SHSGP (-9%)
      • $81M Stonegarden (-9%)
      • $13.5M Tribal (-9%)
      • $553.5M UASI (-9%)
      • $274.5M Non-Profit (-9%)
      • $94.5M port (-8.5%)
      • $324 AFG (-9%)
      • $324 SAFER (-9%)
      • $319.5M EMPG (-9%)
      • $281M RiskMAP (-11%)
      • $10.8 Regional Catastrophic (-9%)
      • $117M Emergency Food & Shelter (-9%)
    • The Shelter Services Program was funded at $650M (-8%)
    • The DRF is funded at the requested amount of $20B (a supplemental will still be required)

    More info here: https://docs.house.gov/billsthisweek/20240318/Division%20C%20Homeland.pdf

    Justin Kates
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